It’s not September 13th anymore…

I just read an article over here on The Atlantic that perhaps sums up how life has gone for me better than anything I am capable of writing. Below is not a response to is, so much as a validation of it through my eyes.

When you wonder what happened to me, the girl who would gladly have glassed Afghanistan after 9-11, who for ten-years lived everyday like it was September 13th…..this is what happened. I grew up, I realized all the bullshit I was sold, for what good it did do, also caused a lot of problems.

I watched Americans get denied their rights to due process, I watched local police departments suddenly become the #1 buyer of surplus Army tanks they don’t need, I watched xenophobia take root in rural America and spread to suburbia and now The White House. I watched the country I thought existed, cease to be. So when people say that they’re “disappointed” in who I’ve become, that’s fine. They’ll never be as disappointed in me as I am in them and of my country.

My generation has been shot up in schools, placed in endless wars, and told that was have to sacrifice what we want so older generations can be comfortable.

Now, I’m watching the next two generations get shot up in school, killed by police for not being white enough, made to work at grocery stores and fast food joints for slave wages so the rest of us can have whatever we want. It’s bullshit, America is nothing more than a corporate oligarchy that shits on everyone who wasn’t born rich. Unless you got lucky at birth, you’re at most 3-4 months from losing everything you have. Most people are only a month.

So go ahead, tell me you’re disappointed in me. Tell me that I’ve got this “all wrong.” Tell me whatever you need to say to make yourself feel better about the state of the world. I’m not fucking listening, I can see it all with my own two eyes.